Meet the band...

Andy (lead vocals)
From Elvis to Willie Nelson to Johnny Cash, Ray Davies and plenty more besides, Andy’s got it covered. And with banter in between the songs that even he can’t always predict!

Ian (multi-instruments/vocals)

Moving swiftly between guitar, mandolin and banjo during a gig, Ian’s multi-instrument playing brings a rich variety to the ‘Hillbillies sound. He’s also written several original numbers and sings too.

Red (guitar/vocals)
He can play every guitar style, he can play it fast, he can play it slow but whatever style he’s playing he rocks! Red is short for Redvers, an ancient Scottish name.

Pete (double bass/electric bass/vocals)
Double bass or electric bass, Pete lays down the groove. He’s been playing in bands since he was 16 and hasn’t tired of it yet. An inspiration to us all.

Samantha (fiddle/vocals)
Sam’s been playing the violin since she was 4 and it shows. An amazing talent on the violin and a wonderful singing voice too. It can’t be easy being the only female in the band but she puts a brave face on!

Mick (drums/cajon)
How does he keep playing the drums at that pace for over two hours? Mostly by not singing, we don’t let him sing! Mick sits at the back but you’ll definitely feel his presence!